Friday, September 30, 2011

October FIX!!!

Wow!  Where did September go?  It is time to announce October's FIX Giveaway!  This month, every order from a Fiber Indie eXperience participating shop will earn you an entry towards a $50 gift certificate to be used in those shops!  Think of the hours of fun $50 worth of fiber will bring you!

Remember, all you have to do to enter is join the FIX group on Ravelry and post your purchases in the October Entries thread.  That's it! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shearing Day!

Today was shearing day.  I am wore plumb out.  But I have such soft, girly hands from handling all that wool!

I will post pictures of Danny Smith shearing some of the sheep as soon as I get them resized.  I am just too tired tonight.

I will also be posting fleeces for sale on our farm's website as soon as I can get them skirted and photographed.  We have 47 sheep and lamb fleeces:

I have a "sheepy" mess in my living room right now.   Surprise company would be a disaster! 


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Shearer Is Coming!

Smokey (BL), and Boaz (Shetland).  Smokey knows he is mama's best boy.  But don't tell Boaz!

That's right boys, the shearer is coming! This time tomorrow, you will be cooler, and, dare I say "nekked"? It is so strange to see my big, bad, rams looking skinny and pitiful when all of that wool comes off! Their heads wind up looking too big for their bodies!

 And here is why I have to take 10 pictures to get one good one - I have spoiled babies who love attention, so they crowd up in my face when I squat down to snap a picture.  When I first started with this shot of Bandit, he was 5 feet away.  I had to wipe sheepy-snot off the camera lens when he was finished.  (Objects in camera are closer than they appear, apparently!)

And here is just a small taste of the fleeces that will be coming off tomorrow!  Somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 fleeces, about half of them from lambs, should be sitting in my craft room floor by dinner time!  Which ones will I be able to part with?

Fleeces will be sold from the Diamond B Sheep Farm website .  I am not taking reserves for particular fleeces from this shearing.  Our summer has been so terribly hot, that I am a little concerned about fleece quality.  Therefore, I do not want to promise a fleece away before I have assessed it.  All will be skirted and sold on a first come, first serve basis, with prices starting at $14 a pound, plus shipping. 

Also, I just updated the pictures of most of the lambs that are still for sale.  Many of them are still waiting for their new homes! 

Great news!  Everyone needs to join the Fiber Indie eXperience Co-op on Ravelry!  Once you have joined (it's free!) and purchase one of Diamond B Sheep Farm's fleeces, go to the September entry thread and post your purchase to earn an entry towards one of this month's prize boxes full of over $155 worth of fibery goodness!
image title

image title

image title


Friday, September 2, 2011

Fiber Indie eXperience Co-op Artfire Shop

Exciting news!  The Fiber Indie eXperience Co-op Artfire Shop is now open!  We have our first set of sampler boxes available.

This is the fiber goodie box:
Spinning Goodie Mix: a F.I.X. Co-op Spinning Fiber Sampler

And here is the yarn goodie box:
Yarn Goodie Mix: A F.I.X. Co-op Hand Dyed & Handspun Yarn Sampler

Boxes sell for $18 each (plus shipping), and your purchase is one more way to enter the September FIX drawing.  This month's prize boxes are worth a total of $155 each!

Here is the yarn prize box:
image title

And the fiber prize box:
image title

We are also giving away a special anniversary box to the person who purchases from the most FIX shops this month!

So come join the FIX Ravelry Group, go shopping, and hopefully, win great prizes!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My First Rectangle Loom Project!

Well, here it is, my first completed project on my new rectangle loom!  The scarf is made from one of my early handspun yarns, with a black ribbon yarn added.  I am really pleased with it!

Now, for how it was made.  This was fun from start to finish!

Early stages on the loom:

After just a few hours, I started to see some real progress:

And finally it was finished!  I added some fringe before I removed it:

Because it is completely bias, it drapes beautifully!  I have a feeling there will be many scarves made on this loom!

Monday, August 15, 2011

ah - HA!!!

Ever had one of those "ah-HA!!!" moments? I just did!

This is some of my first handspun yarn from a few years ago. There isn't much, 150 yds, but it is one of the first presentable yarns I ever made. Plus, it is Razorback Red!

I decided to use it on my new rectangle loom (more on that in a minute.) But obviously, this skein of yarn is not going to cooperate in this form - can we say tangled/mangled beyond use? So normally I have one of my rugrats sit and hold the skein on two outstretched hands while I either use the ball winder or wind it into a ball by hand. This usually involves lots of complaining on the part of the forced volunteer, followed by lots of ugly looks from me. But, hey, it gets the job done.

Well, no rugrats today because school started. Hmmm.....I inherited impatience (thanks Dad!), so actually waiting until someone gets home to help - it ain't an option. I have tried the "loop it around a dining room chair" method - never figured that one out. Also tried the ultimate impatience method of laying the loop in my lap and trying to wind from that. Yeah right, remember tangled/mangled? That is when the ah-HA!!! moment struck. If I loop this skein around my neck like a necklace, and let gravity do its job, I should be able to wind this all by myself!

And it worked! No complaining, no new wrinkles from glaring, and no rat's nest of yarn! I did have to un-loop it from around the back of my neck on every round, and I wouldn't want to do 2000 yards this way, but it was sooooo easy! And it only took about 10 minutes!

Now I know I am probably the last person in this century to figure this one out, I can just hear folks reading this post and going "DUH!", but I was rather proud of myself!

And here is the new rectangle loom. This is a Hideaway Homestead brand, and it is lovely! I have already made one scarf on it out of some acrylic, just to get the hang of it. I also have the parts to make it a large tri-loom for shawls.

And a close-up of the pins for weaving:
I will try to remember to post a picture of the finished Razorback scarf when I finish it!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Double Entries in FIX

Now through midnight on August 12th, you can earn double entries for each purchase you make in my etsy shop, ! Just check out the Fiber Indie eXperience page on Ravelry for more information.

Shop away!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

New Pretties!

Check out all the cool stuff that followed me home from Fiber Christmas to share with mom:

Silk caps (lots of them!), alpaca roving, dyed Romney locks, bamboo, merino/bamboo, sari silk, mohair, art batts and yarn, oh my!

Yes, there is a spinning wheel in there - hubby found it and we called mom and she wanted it! It is old and needs some TLC, but it is still a beautiful wheel!

Later - as I get to stuff, I want to show a better picture and then what I make out of it. My brain won't shut off now, either. I saw so many things, and have way too many ideas for stuff, and the Lord still hasn't granted my prayer for 2 extra hours in my day!

Sunday, July 31, 2011


It has been a busy few weeks!

First, we just got back from Kellyville, Oklahoma. We were vendors at Fiber Christmas in July, and as usual, we had a blast. That is mostly what as kept me busy the last few weeks. I wanted to have a full booth, so there would be a lot of variety for my customers. This year the show was bigger than ever, I heard the words "fiber overload" many, many times! We were set up between Dawning Dreams and Gwen and Donna from The Weavery, both booths were full of delicious temptation, and, of course, I HAD to give in and support other independent fiber artists!

It has also been HOT, HOT, HOT here in Arkansas. That means extra care for the sheep, and extra sweat on the shepherds and munchkins when we are out working. July had more than 25 days of over 100 degree heat, and only a spattering of rain. And I do mean a spattering. Just so you know how dry and hot it is, our yard has developed a crack in the ground. It is several feet long, 1 inch wide and 6 inches deep in spots. The meteorologists said this summer is officially worse than the 1934 dust bowl summer.


Good news is that it is too hot to play outside, so you have to play inside. No, not video games, but FIBER!!! Lots and lots of fiber! Of course I came home from Fiber Christmas with a bag full of goodies to replenish my stock (not that there was a shortage at my house to begin with), and lots of new ideas for things to try. I also learned how to use a triangle shawl loom - way too cool. Too bad it is 7 feet wide and I don't have room for one. My friend Lisa, of Sasser Farms, took one home, and I can't wait to see what she makes!

And here is the current give away for Fiber Indie Co-op Experience:

Just join the group on Ravelry, make purchases in the partcipating online shops, and post your purchases! That is it! Each qualifying purchase earns you an entry into the current drawing. This month, two people will win gift certificates to use in FIX shops!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fiber Indie Experience Co-op

This is exciting! I have just joined a wonderful group of fiber folks called "Fiber Indie Experience Co-op"! The purpose of this group is to promote independant fiber artists, and boy, is there some talent in this group!

If you haven't checked it out yet, visit our Ravelry group . There you can learn about the current month's promotion, like giant prize boxes full of fibery goodness and gift certificates to use in their shops! It is amazing! Visit the members' online shops and make purchases to enter the current contest - the details are all there. And you get the warm fuzzies, knowing that when you purchase from these members, you are helping to support fiber addictions and you are helping to feed fiber herds all over the United States.


If you haven't visited my shop recently, you need to stop by. I have lots of new fibers, some rovings and washed wool from the herd and new semi-solid hand dyed rovings, and even a couple of yarns. I know it is July, and kinda hot to be thinking about wool, but remember, we are half way to Christmas! Time to start thinking about the project load and remembering what last December was like. All of the late nights, grumpiness, tired fingers, numb mind, hiding from friends and family - all because you waited until the last minute to start making gifts. (or does that just happen at my house?)

And speaking of Christmas...WOO-HOO!!! Only two weeks away from Fiber Christmas in July in Kellyville, Oklahoma! If you are anywhere close, you have got to get to this show! Kate Lowder has expanded the show this year to include more space, which equals MORE VENDORS!!! There are also classes offered in many different areas, but you need to get to the website now and sign up!

Friday, July 1, 2011

New Fiber!

For those of you who love natural fiber like I do, I have a treat in our Etsy shop! I am trying to catch back up from the fiber shows we have attended this year. The hand created rovings from our flock have been very popular! Here is a new one:

This is from Beau, one of our registered Border Leicester rams. Beau's fleece is golden cream and very soft with lots of sheen. Many spinners like these rovings because they are very easy to spin and virtually free of vm.

And then, I was going to make this into roving, but..............
Could you imagine combing out these beautiful curls? Ava grew this fleece last year. She is a registered Border Leicester, also. There are 6 ounces of this gorgeous stuff waiting to find its way into your stash!

Come see what else is new at


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fiber Everywhere!

Tomorrow is the big day! I have the privilege of speaking to a group of homeschooled kiddos and some of their families about my passion - FIBER. Just think. Two whole hours to talk about nothing but sheep, wool, dye, and spinning! And they are expecting those topics - I won't be "some weird lady that is facinated with sheep". I also get to teach the group how to use a drop spindle. Here they are, ready for willing hands!

While getting things ready to teach tomorrow, I realized that we are low on hand dyed rovings. So out came the dye pots. This first roving is by far my favorite. I have been saving purple onion skins since about Christmas. I finally had plenty, so in the pot they went. I was expecting some shade of purple, rust or brown, but got a gorgeous golden yellow! I love it!

Here is a drying rack full of fiber, too. I am not pleased with the rose. I apparently did not get the powdered dye stirred in well, so it spotted, and not in a pretty way. I will probably overdye it with plum. Dark plum fixes pretty much every mistake!

And finally, this beauty is still in the pot as I type:

I am going to have to go clean up the kitchen so I can cook supper. Unfortunately, this fiber doesn't digest well, and my family expects food at some point before bedtime. Sigh................

Monday, June 20, 2011

Finished The Shawl!

I finally finished the Fleurdelise shawl I have been working on. It is made from a merino/silk sock yarn that mama gave me for my birthday last year. I don't knit socks. (I don't wear them, either, unless it is REALLY cold!) My attention span isn't long enough to make two of the same exact things in a row. But I loved this colorway when I saw it on etsy. It is called "Pumpkin Spice" and came from So, with it sitting in my stash, I had to find something to make from it. The pattern is by Michelle Miller, and I downloaded it from Ravelry. If you click on the picture below, it will take you to the pattern. (I don't know how I did it, but somehow it happened!)
I love how this yarn is multicolored, but it doesn't look "busy" like a lot of verigated yarns.

This picture is a little dark, but you can see the overall lacy look.

This will be a gift for a very dear lady that I used to work with. I seldom manage to keep things I create. I manage to justify to myself that time spent sitting on my hiney knitting is okay if I am making something for someone else. This lady is a beautiful Christian role model, and was a joy to work with. When I started this shawl, it was going to be for myself, but she kept coming to mind as I was working. Then one day I was driving down the street in front of the school, thinking about the section of the shawl I was working on, and there she stood, waiting to cross the street to another building on campus. Sometimes the Lord makes things very plain!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Sheep!

Well, we needed more sheep like we needed another hole in our heads. But.....when the Lord whacks you over the head enough times telling you to do something, who are we to question Him? There was a lady here in our own town that had been raising longwool sheep to show. Did I mention we didn't have to drive but 10 minutes to her house?(Smack! do you hear the first smack the Lord landed?) She wanted to get out of the sheep business, and was looking to re-home them all. (Smack!) They needed to be sheared, so Stan called Danny Smith to ask when he would be coming this way, figuring it would be this fall - he was coming this week. (Smack!) They are all breeds I have been wanting, long before we knew she had them, and they are longwool sheep.(Smack!) We prayed and prayed, and turned the possibilities over and over, but in the end, we wound up with 10 of them. Here are pictures of a few.

This first one is a Gotland ewe who may be bred:

Then there were two Wensleydale cross twin rams. We also have their mother, an elegant black Wensleydale. I was very excited about the fleeces on this group of three. This lamb is silver-y black, and his twin brother is coal black. Both are very tightly curled:

This is another Gotland ewe:

And finally, here is a Cotswold ram lamb. We also have his twin sister and his mom. We already have an older sister of his, Marley. You can see her at our farm website

We also now have two Gotland rams, one is creamy white and the other is black. So. Our not so little flock has grown again. Where am I going to put all this wool at spring shearing time?

By the way, most all of the lambs are now posted on our farm site. We have around 20 that will need new homes, so please take a look and tell all of your fiber-y friends.

Then, just because it is a hoot, have you ever heard of southern folks visiting over the fence? Well, that is just what our neighbor's bull did this afternoon. Literally. Take a look:

Crazy outfit thought he might like a sniff of our lady cows, and didn't realize the amount of effort it would take to actually clear the fence with his bulk. At least his front half made it. After a couple of snips with the wire cutters, he was set free, with only a little raw spot to show for his adventure.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Massive Shop Update

After ignoring our etsy shop for what seems like forever, I just did a massive update this afternoon. There are lots of new items and some that had disappeared because their listing had expired. Come check it out!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rt. 66 Fiber Rendezvous and Spin In

We had a great time at the Rt. 66 Fiber Rendezvous and Spin In at Edmond, Oklahoma yesterday! I saw so many spinning wheels, my dream list of spinning wheels to try just got a little longer! I also squeezed, felt and smelled (yes, I said smelled) lots of really pretty fibers! Color, color, head is still swirling with all the pretty color combinations I saw.

Kate, of Lowder Colour Farms, one of my very favorite people, had several of her beautiful Wensleydale fleeces. I had to stay away! I still have the gorgeous chocolate brown from her last year that needs to be played with. But you can't stop a girl from looking!

Gwen and Donna from The Weavery at Indian Meridian were set up next to us. Those ladies know how to create a tempting booth! I immediately spied a deep cranberry batt, made up of merino, silk and bamboo. I decided it would be my one purchase of the day after I had a few sales. Well, someone else bought it before I could, but that is okay, it isn't like there is a wool shortage at my house. Instead, I decided to give in and spin my own hand dyed Blue Faced Leicester roving that I had with me. I had brought the little Mathieson wheel to this show because he is so portable, but he can be a bit cranky at times, and the bobbin I put on would not spin. Period. It just wouldn't. Donna commented that it looked to be the same size as some Ashford bobbins she had, and she brought one over. It is a perfect match! So now I have a source for more bobbins for my favorite little wheel!

Lisa Sasser, another one of my favorite people, had some of the prettiest wool from her flock. Her alpaca was so soft, I could have dove in and took a nap in heaven for awhile! And her batts.....ahhhhhhh....her batts, so very pretty, and such beautiful colors. But, alas, I have a feed bill to pay, so I had to be content with my new Ashford bobbin.

One more beauty to share - there was an extremely talented lady at the show, I think she was part of the Log Cabin Spinning Guild. She had brought some of her hand knit shawls to show. One of them was made from cashmere and angora that she had spun herself. It was a soft shade of tan, and looked like it could float, it was so light and airy. Such skill and patience!

I would have posted pictures of all of the lovelies I saw, but, as usual, when we pulled out of the driveway at 4 am yesterday moring to head off to the show, my camera was still sitting on the kitchen counter. Good place for it. At least I knew exactly where it was every time I wanted to use it yesterday!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lambs For Sale!

Okay folks - several of our lambs have reached the age where they are ready to go to their future homes! We have several more that are just on the verge of being ready to go. We have rams, ewes and wethers, all which will make wonderful fiber animals! All of our breeding stock have fleeces that are to die for, so their offspring have the same potential.

We raise full blood Shetland, Shetland/Border Leicester cross (MY favorite spinning fiber), Cotswold cross, and we have one full blood Border Leicester ram lamb. All of the lamb and parents' pictures can be seen on our website:

or you can contact me at

Merino/Cotswold cross wether

Shetland/Border Leicester cross ewe

Shetland ewe

Shetland Ram

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Short and Sweet

Just a quick look at a couple of photographs I took today that I thought I would share. I was turning off the water faucet after filling up the water troughs in the ram and goat pastures when I looked up and saw how still the pond was and how pretty it looked with the sheep in the pasture:

And then, my calla lillies are in full bloom:

These come back year after year and I think they are just gorgeous!