Friday, July 1, 2011

New Fiber!

For those of you who love natural fiber like I do, I have a treat in our Etsy shop! I am trying to catch back up from the fiber shows we have attended this year. The hand created rovings from our flock have been very popular! Here is a new one:

This is from Beau, one of our registered Border Leicester rams. Beau's fleece is golden cream and very soft with lots of sheen. Many spinners like these rovings because they are very easy to spin and virtually free of vm.

And then, I was going to make this into roving, but..............
Could you imagine combing out these beautiful curls? Ava grew this fleece last year. She is a registered Border Leicester, also. There are 6 ounces of this gorgeous stuff waiting to find its way into your stash!

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