Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Countdown to Christmas!

WHEW!!! I loved going to the fiber fest at Mt. Magazine this last weekend, but I am also glad it is over. Now I can concentrate on Christmas gifts in the three weeks I have left! I think the plans in my head are physically impossible to accomplish in that amount of time. Especially since I was counting on the kids being in school for two more full weeks, but my sweet daughter reminded me that she hasn't missed a day this semester, so her last day will be Monday, as in 6 days from now! ARRRGGGHHH!!!

I would post a pic or two of the fiber fest, but the camera got left on the cabinet at home. I will share that my favorite part of the weekend was seeing all of the neat items people had made. I recognized several patterns that I have been looking at to make (in all my spare time), and got some great new ideas. I also wound up with a simply gorgeous curly brown Wensleydale fleece from Lowder Farms to play, AHEM, I mean, work, with after the first of the year. Thanks Mom! Also got to see all of the fiber-y friends I have made since beginning this adventure, and made a few more!
Wensleydale #8  BB
I borrowed Kate's picture - isn't it pretty?

Well, Big Mama, the world's fattest sheep, is honing her David Copperfield skills once again. Yesterday I found her in the calf pasture, remember, it is net wire fenced. So I pondered, then fussed at her, and wrastled (that is a southern word) her back in through the gate. I checked closely, but all I could find was some wool stuck in the bottom of the fence which goes all the way to the ground AND has barbed wire running along under it. Surely not! After work this morning, I took off to feed, and she was back in the calf pasture! I think I figured it out, though. She is using all that mass to her advantage. The gate looked a little strange, and I think she shoved against it until the gate hangers swiveled which allowed her to squeeze out between the gate and the post. Well, I fixed her! Gate hangers are firmly back in place, and the chain latch is shortened.

Well, everyone, even the dog, is snoring. Early to bed, early to rise - so off I go!