Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow, snow, and more snow = mud, mud and more mud!

We have been receiving a record amount of snow here in Arkansas the last couple of weeks. Snow is so beautiful when it is falling and is fresh on the ground, but give it a couple of days of above freezing temps, and you have your own personal slip and slide, well greased with mud.

We are still waiting on Boer goat babies. Molly has her own goat apartment in the little barn, and she has been joined by her Aunt RoseLee. She should have twins at least. When we moved RoseLee to her pen, she didn't like it one bit that it wasn't a private room with a view - she could see Molly through the divider, so we had to block their view of each other to keep from having two goats with sore heads. The temp is supposed to fall to nearly zero tonight, so there is a good chance we may have babies by morning.

I have been combing and spinning creamy white fiber from my Hannah, a Romney/Rambouillet ewe. So far, I have 3 ounces spun into a single, and when I spin another 3 ounces and ply it back, I should have a bulky yarn that will make a gorgeous accent yarn, or maybe the outside layer of a pair of stuffed mittens. I also began washing some white Border Leicester fleece and am well pleased with the softness and silky-ness of this wool. I am still loving my new Spinolution Mach 1 wheel! I can spin at speed demon speeds if I choose to, not that I do, well maybe sometimes..........