Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Fiber in the Shop!

I have been working hard to get some new fiber in the shop. I have posted some pictures on my facebook page (link to the left). I have also been spinning away on my new wheel, trying some different techniques, instead of just 2 ply yarn.

It has been very cold here. The ice in the calves' water trough was 2 inches thick yesterday morning. It takes a lot of beating on it to break ice like that. Needless to say, my hands are a bit sore today. When we woke this morning, the temp outside was a whole 10 degrees. BRRRRRRR..........and the Special Olympics is having a fundraiser in a couple of days - a polar bear plunge of all things!!! I think instead of raising money because you are jumping into the frigid water, they might make more if they grabbed folks and told them they had to raise money or they would throw them in!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


It's Snowing!!!

I know, some of you are probably sick of snow because you have been pounded with it for a while, but here in Arkansas, we are having the first snow of the year. The weather guys have been saying for two days that it will be just a dusting, and most of the bad stuff will miss us,. But experience has taught that when that is the forecast for just a little snow, get ready. God has a sense of humor (look at the platypus!) and, I believe, likes to demonstrate that He is still in control of His earth! I love snow, it makes everything look so clean and new!

Speaking of new, here is my new spinning wheel:

It is a Spinolution Mach 1 that has been upgraded to match the next newer model. Stan and I saw these wheels this summer at Fiber Christmas in Kellyville, and the lady twisted my arm and made me sit in front of one and take it for a "spin". Boy, was it a Cadillac! My sweet hubby apparently watched my awestruck face and filed that image away in his brain. Just a few days before Christmas, when I should have been knitting away to finish gifts, I happened to see one for sale on Ravelry. I pointed it out to him because I had never seen anyone willing to part with this marvel of a wheel. He insisted that I contact the lady, then wouldn't hear of me not having it! So, two days before Christmas, (when I should have been knitting away to finish gifts, have I already mentioned that?), my best friend, Monica, and I set off to meet Chelle in Joplin and I brought home my new wheel! I was a good girl and finished those knitted gifts (the last at 10:15 Christmas Eve night - whew!) before I played!

Here is what I am working on next:

This is some Blue Faced Leicester fleece from Coffman Spinning C Farm in northern Missouri. This wool is oh, so soft, and, though I debated about combing out those curls, I am so happy with the results. I keep walking by and squishing it and putting it up to my cheek to feel its softness. This will probably be the next thing to go on my wheel. I am imagining a pair of gloves or mittens with a cable running up the back of the hand. The longer I work with fleece, the more I am growing to love natural colors instead of the glowing dyed wool.

A precious sister in Christ, whose blog is Sew Sow in Love, has made a list of projects to complete this year. I am so proud of her! She is a wonderful homeschooling mother of four beautiful children, who has taught me so much by her example. My cherished Bible is a gift from her, and I think of her every single time I open it. Her list is yet another example, and it reminds me of all the projects I have hanging around, waiting to be finished. I hope to complete many of them this year. It took me 17 years of sporatic stitching to complete a cross stitched picture for my grandparents, so I won't make a list and set myself up for failure. I do hope to show things as I finish here on the blog.

As I sit here and type, the kids are outside sledding down the slope in our back yard. How do I know? Because I can hear them crashing into the house to stop. They love this weather as much as I do. The 15 year old daughter even hopes the electricity goes out! They have a blast when that happens. School is iffy for tomorrow, a little snow in Arkansas apparently goes a long way and makes lots of people nervous. Hope everyone stays warm!