Monday, January 24, 2011

The Waiting Game

I hate waiting. But that is the game we are now playing. We have 3 goats that are getting their poker faces on when it comes to who is going to bring a new baby into the world first. I have been saying for 2 weeks now that there is no way Molly can last another day, and yet she is still big as a barrell. I tried to get her to stand up for this picture, but I guess it was just too much effort!

Then there is her Aunt Rose. Rose is already a bit, um, well, let's just say she can't shop in the misses' section at the goat boutiques. Add 5 months of pregnancy to her package and she looks like she could explode. She had twins last year, and it looks like that may be the case again this year!

And finally there is Tawny. She is a tiny little thing and was just about as wild as they come when we first got her. This is as close a picture as I could get without her running off. Once, I bet the 10 year old goat-whisperer a$1 that he couldn't catch her. I had to give him the dollar. I don't know what the deal is with her horns, but it fits her personality. She is all baby belly now, too.

Then, one more waiting game to play. These are our two new dairy cows. The one on the left is Daisy, a Jersey heifer, and the one on the right is Elsie, a Jersey/Milking Shorthorn cross. It will be a loooooong while before we have any yummies from our girls because they are only 7 months old. But aren't they pretty?