Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 21, 2010

Well, after a gorgeous seventy degrees and sunshine on Friday, this is the scene we woke up to Sunday morning! We now have almost five inches on the ground. Weird.

Ruth apparently doesn't like the snow much. I tried to get her to come out of the barn, and this was a far as she got! We are planning to shear everybody this week since it is spring break for us, but we are soooo glad they still have all their wool with the snow on the ground! We are planning to go after the little male donkey in the morning. Isabella seems so lonely. Hopefully she will feel more at home after tomorrow. I also plan to dye, dye, dye this week. I ordered some coopworth wool, and I washed a little of it, and it is sooooo soft. I want to make a scarf for myself!

Speaking of wool, I learned how to card batts on mom's drum carder yesterday - now I am hooked. I sat last night while I was knitting and thought about all the combinations of colors and fibers that could be put together! My daughter, who by the way turned 15 today, also learned how to use a drop spindle! Her grandmother taught her, which I love. I think she is as taken as we are! She hasn't hardly put it down since we were at mom's!

Well, one more picture of the snow: