Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 22, 2010 PLUS A GIVEAWAY!!!

Well, there it is. The thermometer on the back porch at noon yesterday. Folks, it has looked like that every day for over a week now! Remember when it looked like this:

Sure did seem like a long time ago!

Things are staying very busy here on the farm. With the weather so brutal, we are keeping a closer watch on the animals. The wool sheep are miserable - can you imagine wearing a wool coat in this weather? The cows are spending most of their time in the pond, jockeying for who gets the coolest spot under the dock. One huge benefit of this heat is that clothes dry oh so fast out on the line!

Do you ever want to start a project, but just can't figure out what to do? Maybe it is what color to paint a room, or what to bake, or what to knit. Well, I am there. The problem is that I already have so many projects started, that I almost feel guilty about beginning another. Almost being the key word there. I have two skeins of lace weight silk, so soft and shiny, that are just begging to be knit.

I am spending so much time thinking about it that they have moved from the yarn bin in the sewing room to the basket beside my chair in the living room. I have perused my knitter's encyclopedia several times imagining how the different stitch patterns would look in the two different colorways. I know, I know, lace weight yarn, it will take ump-teen rows to even create an inch of scarf, but it is SO PRETTY!!!

Speaking of pretty, I have a giveaway! This is a coffee cup cuff (like the cardboard ones from the coffee shop) that is made from yarn that I handspun. It is knitted in ribs, so it will stretch to fit pretty much any cup. The pic shows it on a meduim sized cup.

All you have to do to qualify is leave a comment for me! Also, I let my friend, Jan, of Little Paula Designs, talk me into a facebook fan page for the shop - the button is above. If you join that page, I will be having giveaway and contest announcements there, also. Be watching for a BIG giveaway in the shop during the month of August!