Saturday, March 6, 2010

March 6, 2010

What beautiful weather we are having this week-end! My husband has been building new feed troughs for the sheep today and I have been dyeing some more roving. In fact, I ran out of roving and had to go to out to mom's house and get some more! We also got the building set for the new chicken coop - the 19 baby chicks are chirping away in the box in the kitchen. It is going to seem awfully quiet in the house when they move out. One of the shetland sheep was limping on her front foot today, so we got her down and doctored it. Her name is Angel because she has the prettiest white curls in her fleece. Here is a picture:

Well, off to knit for a while. I am dying to start a circular shawl that I printed a pattern off of, but I have to finish a feather and fan scarf for my daughter first. And I certainly don't need one more project going!

Friday, March 5, 2010

The weather has been GORGEOUS the last couple of afternoons. The sheep are all laying out in the pasture sunning right now. Here are some pictures of them:

I also spent last weekend dyeing fiber for our etsy shop,

I will be listing them as I get a chance.


Welcome to Sarah Kate Fibers! We are a mother/daughter team of fiber artists whose hobby has got out of hand, so a small business has been created! Kate, the mother, is the original artist and inspiration, while Sarah, the daughter, attacks and conquers any fiber that comes her way! Sarah and her husband are also beginning a small fiber farm - Sarah's Sheep - to help support their habit. Check out our store full of hand dyed rovings, batts, and handspun yarn at:

We will post pics and info about our store, and Sarah will keep you updated on the farm. Until later!