Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shearing Day!

Today was shearing day.  I am wore plumb out.  But I have such soft, girly hands from handling all that wool!

I will post pictures of Danny Smith shearing some of the sheep as soon as I get them resized.  I am just too tired tonight.

I will also be posting fleeces for sale on our farm's website as soon as I can get them skirted and photographed.  We have 47 sheep and lamb fleeces:

I have a "sheepy" mess in my living room right now.   Surprise company would be a disaster! 


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Shearer Is Coming!

Smokey (BL), and Boaz (Shetland).  Smokey knows he is mama's best boy.  But don't tell Boaz!

That's right boys, the shearer is coming! This time tomorrow, you will be cooler, and, dare I say "nekked"? It is so strange to see my big, bad, rams looking skinny and pitiful when all of that wool comes off! Their heads wind up looking too big for their bodies!

 And here is why I have to take 10 pictures to get one good one - I have spoiled babies who love attention, so they crowd up in my face when I squat down to snap a picture.  When I first started with this shot of Bandit, he was 5 feet away.  I had to wipe sheepy-snot off the camera lens when he was finished.  (Objects in camera are closer than they appear, apparently!)

And here is just a small taste of the fleeces that will be coming off tomorrow!  Somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 fleeces, about half of them from lambs, should be sitting in my craft room floor by dinner time!  Which ones will I be able to part with?

Fleeces will be sold from the Diamond B Sheep Farm website .  I am not taking reserves for particular fleeces from this shearing.  Our summer has been so terribly hot, that I am a little concerned about fleece quality.  Therefore, I do not want to promise a fleece away before I have assessed it.  All will be skirted and sold on a first come, first serve basis, with prices starting at $14 a pound, plus shipping. 

Also, I just updated the pictures of most of the lambs that are still for sale.  Many of them are still waiting for their new homes! 

Great news!  Everyone needs to join the Fiber Indie eXperience Co-op on Ravelry!  Once you have joined (it's free!) and purchase one of Diamond B Sheep Farm's fleeces, go to the September entry thread and post your purchase to earn an entry towards one of this month's prize boxes full of over $155 worth of fibery goodness!
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