Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Remember Me????

Gee whiz!  Was it really September the last time I blogged about anything?  (Is "blogged" even a word?)  Well, farm life has taken up a chunk of time lately.  Let me explain.  No better, let me sum up:

We now have 58 sheep, not counting babies.  Remember when I only had three?

Both of our dairy heifers had calves, but only one is cooperating to let us milk.  So now we have about a gallon of fresh milk every day.  I have learned to make butter, and I am working on learning to make simple mozzerella.

We have added 4 Alpine dairy goats - a male and three females.  They came to live with us when they were only 2 days old, so bottle feeding has been a regular ritual.

We have new chickens.  Well, babies really.  They are about 8 weeks old.  We are still getting between 6 and 12 eggs a night. 

The Etsy business has picked up dramatically.  THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE HAD A PART IN THAT!!!  I am blowing you kisses right now  >kiss<  The Fiber Indie Coop on Ravelry has been a huge blessing to me and my family.  Don't forget to check out each month's giveaway.

The sheep we let breed have lambed and we have a number of ALL MALE lambs.  What are the odds?  One became a bottle baby and is now a pet and a real pest everytime I go in the pasture.   More on him later.

Danny just came last weekend and sheared all of the sheep except the babies.  I had to crawl over bags of fleece to even get to the computer to type this.  Don't believe it could really be that bad?  Well:

Believe me now?  That is handsome husband's long bed truck.  Full to the brim.  They are now all in my living room.  Good thing we have a den, too!

Fleeces will be for sale at the farm website in short order.  Mom and I skirted the first 10 or so this morning. 

I will try and blog a little more often than once every 6 months.  I would like to share some of the other fun we have here on the farm.