Sunday, January 9, 2011


It's Snowing!!!

I know, some of you are probably sick of snow because you have been pounded with it for a while, but here in Arkansas, we are having the first snow of the year. The weather guys have been saying for two days that it will be just a dusting, and most of the bad stuff will miss us,. But experience has taught that when that is the forecast for just a little snow, get ready. God has a sense of humor (look at the platypus!) and, I believe, likes to demonstrate that He is still in control of His earth! I love snow, it makes everything look so clean and new!

Speaking of new, here is my new spinning wheel:

It is a Spinolution Mach 1 that has been upgraded to match the next newer model. Stan and I saw these wheels this summer at Fiber Christmas in Kellyville, and the lady twisted my arm and made me sit in front of one and take it for a "spin". Boy, was it a Cadillac! My sweet hubby apparently watched my awestruck face and filed that image away in his brain. Just a few days before Christmas, when I should have been knitting away to finish gifts, I happened to see one for sale on Ravelry. I pointed it out to him because I had never seen anyone willing to part with this marvel of a wheel. He insisted that I contact the lady, then wouldn't hear of me not having it! So, two days before Christmas, (when I should have been knitting away to finish gifts, have I already mentioned that?), my best friend, Monica, and I set off to meet Chelle in Joplin and I brought home my new wheel! I was a good girl and finished those knitted gifts (the last at 10:15 Christmas Eve night - whew!) before I played!

Here is what I am working on next:

This is some Blue Faced Leicester fleece from Coffman Spinning C Farm in northern Missouri. This wool is oh, so soft, and, though I debated about combing out those curls, I am so happy with the results. I keep walking by and squishing it and putting it up to my cheek to feel its softness. This will probably be the next thing to go on my wheel. I am imagining a pair of gloves or mittens with a cable running up the back of the hand. The longer I work with fleece, the more I am growing to love natural colors instead of the glowing dyed wool.

A precious sister in Christ, whose blog is Sew Sow in Love, has made a list of projects to complete this year. I am so proud of her! She is a wonderful homeschooling mother of four beautiful children, who has taught me so much by her example. My cherished Bible is a gift from her, and I think of her every single time I open it. Her list is yet another example, and it reminds me of all the projects I have hanging around, waiting to be finished. I hope to complete many of them this year. It took me 17 years of sporatic stitching to complete a cross stitched picture for my grandparents, so I won't make a list and set myself up for failure. I do hope to show things as I finish here on the blog.

As I sit here and type, the kids are outside sledding down the slope in our back yard. How do I know? Because I can hear them crashing into the house to stop. They love this weather as much as I do. The 15 year old daughter even hopes the electricity goes out! They have a blast when that happens. School is iffy for tomorrow, a little snow in Arkansas apparently goes a long way and makes lots of people nervous. Hope everyone stays warm!


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  1. Lori, love that new wheel, Stan is a very good husband. I tested a wheel like that at a fiber fair this summer and loved it.
    So glad you like the wool. I will have lots more of it this Spring. I can't walk by any wool without running my hands down in it but this BFL wool of White Knight's has a silky feel. You will have a neat variety with your growing flock this Spring. It is like Christmas in the Spring!
    Enjoy the snow...they have not called our school off fingers are crossed.