Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year, New Work Space

I don't know about your house, but in my house, clutter has somehow figured out how to multiply and take over. My sewing/craft room became a prime breeding ground the last few years for the clutter monster. I was ashamed, and every time we had company, I thanked the good Lord that room had doors I could close. It had become so bad that I wound up sewing at the dining room table and all of my spinning and wool equipment was now in the den. Don't believe me? Well, here is proof:

Bad, isn't it? Well, frankly dear Scarlett, I was tired of it and I did give a d**m! So, since it is the new year, and since hubby and his muscles were home, I made plans and tackled it. How long could it take? I put on a pot of beans and ham and started at 9:00 Thursday morning, went to bed exhausted and sore that night, and by noon Friday it was done. First, EVERYTHING got hauled out of the room. Where did all this stuff come from? The room isn't that big, but it had all been crammed in there somewhere. The rest of the house now looked horrible! Boxes and piles everywhere, the kitchen table was covered, and I was filling up trash bags in rapid succession. I knew it was bad when the 10 year old walked through the living room and said "Mom, I sure am glad the house doesn't look like this all the time!" It was almost overwhelming, but thank goodness for a husband that is patient. He stuck right by me and helped all he could. We did some re-arranging, threw a bunch of stuff away, and brought in the big work table from the storage building. Here is the progression:

And here is the final result, I have room to work and a space that I am proud of!

Now, with my neat, accessible work room, maybe I can get more accomplished! It sure was worth it. Maybe I should call it a "studio" instead of a work room!

Christmas break has been very busy. I worked like a crazy woman trying to finish knitted gifts. Stan has built a new shelter for the ram pasture. We also took new pictures of all the sheep in their full wool, and I hope to have them up on the Fiber Herd page attached to this blog up in the top, left corner.

Oh, and I almost forgot, I GOT A NEW SPINNING WHEEL!!! WHEEEEEEE!!!! I will post pictures and talk about how totally awesome and wonderful and amazing, and, and, and,....... well, you get the idea.

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful New Year's celebration. Make resolutions you can actually keep!



  1. Your transformation looks amazing. You will be so much happier doing your projects.
    Can't wait to see the new spinning wheel!

  2. Lori, your studio looks great! I can't wait to see your need wheel and all the wonderful creations that will come out of your new creative area.

  3. Great Job Lori - I understand the need to have things in order so your creative side can shine thru. Best of luck with the new Studio!!

  4. congratulations, it's ever so much nicer being able to find things and use the room you have. my studio is in need of a tiny bit of tidy up but that's not happening for a few weeks yet.

  5. Lori...funny how a spinning wheel can make us so excited! I got one too and have been spinning up a storm! BTW your "studio" looks great! What a great space!