Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Sheep!

Well, we needed more sheep like we needed another hole in our heads. But.....when the Lord whacks you over the head enough times telling you to do something, who are we to question Him? There was a lady here in our own town that had been raising longwool sheep to show. Did I mention we didn't have to drive but 10 minutes to her house?(Smack! do you hear the first smack the Lord landed?) She wanted to get out of the sheep business, and was looking to re-home them all. (Smack!) They needed to be sheared, so Stan called Danny Smith to ask when he would be coming this way, figuring it would be this fall - he was coming this week. (Smack!) They are all breeds I have been wanting, long before we knew she had them, and they are longwool sheep.(Smack!) We prayed and prayed, and turned the possibilities over and over, but in the end, we wound up with 10 of them. Here are pictures of a few.

This first one is a Gotland ewe who may be bred:

Then there were two Wensleydale cross twin rams. We also have their mother, an elegant black Wensleydale. I was very excited about the fleeces on this group of three. This lamb is silver-y black, and his twin brother is coal black. Both are very tightly curled:

This is another Gotland ewe:

And finally, here is a Cotswold ram lamb. We also have his twin sister and his mom. We already have an older sister of his, Marley. You can see her at our farm website

We also now have two Gotland rams, one is creamy white and the other is black. So. Our not so little flock has grown again. Where am I going to put all this wool at spring shearing time?

By the way, most all of the lambs are now posted on our farm site. We have around 20 that will need new homes, so please take a look and tell all of your fiber-y friends.

Then, just because it is a hoot, have you ever heard of southern folks visiting over the fence? Well, that is just what our neighbor's bull did this afternoon. Literally. Take a look:

Crazy outfit thought he might like a sniff of our lady cows, and didn't realize the amount of effort it would take to actually clear the fence with his bulk. At least his front half made it. After a couple of snips with the wire cutters, he was set free, with only a little raw spot to show for his adventure.

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