Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fiber Everywhere!

Tomorrow is the big day! I have the privilege of speaking to a group of homeschooled kiddos and some of their families about my passion - FIBER. Just think. Two whole hours to talk about nothing but sheep, wool, dye, and spinning! And they are expecting those topics - I won't be "some weird lady that is facinated with sheep". I also get to teach the group how to use a drop spindle. Here they are, ready for willing hands!

While getting things ready to teach tomorrow, I realized that we are low on hand dyed rovings. So out came the dye pots. This first roving is by far my favorite. I have been saving purple onion skins since about Christmas. I finally had plenty, so in the pot they went. I was expecting some shade of purple, rust or brown, but got a gorgeous golden yellow! I love it!

Here is a drying rack full of fiber, too. I am not pleased with the rose. I apparently did not get the powdered dye stirred in well, so it spotted, and not in a pretty way. I will probably overdye it with plum. Dark plum fixes pretty much every mistake!

And finally, this beauty is still in the pot as I type:

I am going to have to go clean up the kitchen so I can cook supper. Unfortunately, this fiber doesn't digest well, and my family expects food at some point before bedtime. Sigh................

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