Sunday, April 24, 2011

Check out these babies!

One of our Shetland ewes, Lydia, had been put up in the barn for a few days because she was getting very close. When she finally did give birth, we were certainly surprised! If she hadn't been in her own birthing pen with these adorable babies, I would have went looking for another mama for the little spotted girl! As you can see, she is quite different from her brother.

And here they are with Lydia. Dad is almost the same color as mom, so we are unsure of where the unusual patterning came from. This little girl will probably never leave our farm! (can you hear me in the background saying "Mine! Mine! Mine!"?)


  1. Oh, they are adorable. Both of them! That spotting is very unusual and I really can just hear you...only in my head it sounds more like "MINE! MINE! MINE" LOL!

  2. Now wait just one minute - I was screaming MINE, MINE and that one is MINE!!!!!

    Very cute.