Thursday, April 14, 2011

Check out these Beauties!

Isn't she pretty? This baby girl was born this afternoon to Hannah, a Cotswold cross, and Samson, a registered Cotswold. She is a big girl, much larger than several of our other lambs, and she has gorgeous tiny white curls. Mama and Daddy have two of the prettiest fleeces on the farm, so she is a real prize!

And then there is this beauty. I found this little wheel on Ravelry, and boy, is it a keeper! It is a Mathieson wheel, made in the 1970's in New Zealand. It is even signed under the treadle. I have never been able to sit down at a wheel for the first time and spin a nice single. Once I got the tension adjusted, that is just what I did! Mom tried it out and loved it, too!

I have been busy spinning and spinning (no, I am not dizzy yet), trying to get plenty of yarn done for the Spanker Creek Craft Fair in 3 weeks. If you happen to be in the Bella Vista area the first weekend in March, come see me!



  1. What a cutie pie! She looks so friendly.
    What a beautiful spinning wheel. I'm jealous, as always! LOL! Great snag!

  2. Baby is adorable but I am really thinking of that beautiful fleece.
    Your new spinning wheel is were in the right place at the right time. Happy Spinning!

  3. Oh my gosh! Look at that face! She is so very cute! I LOVE the wheel! So glad you got it! I hope the craft fair goes well for you!