Sunday, March 20, 2011


The babies are here!
We were walking out the door for church this morning when the 10 year old goat whisperer said "Mom, RoseLee is squatting like Molly did when her babies were born." Now, mind you, I have been saying since early February, there is no way she can go another day without giving birth. This lady looked like she had swallowed one of those huge, prize winning watermelons and it had lodged sideways in her tummy. Day after day, "She can't go another day" we would say, and shake our heads as we headed to the house. We had almost decided she was going to be pregnant forever. So we glanced out the front window, expecting to see her trying to find a comfortable way to ease down off of her feet. Nope! It was really time! We jumped out of our church clothes and into work clothes and off we went.
She happened to be out in the big daytime pasture, so we eased her up into the front pasture (eased is the nice way of saying "pushed her between contractions") so she would be away from the rest of the menagerie. First little boy took a while, but when he finally came into the world, he was big and he was a beauty! Second precious little boy came quick as wink after it. He really just slipped into the world. He is a little more than half the size of his brother, for which mama was probably very thankful.
Once we made sure everyone was okay, it was back to the house to wash and get gussied back up and off to church. We made it in time to sit in the lobby and hear the sermon, and then go on to Sunday School. People kept asking why we were late, and it felt a little funny telling them it was because were were waiting on goat babies!

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  1. Congrats Lori! They are very handsome little guys and sooo cute!!