Friday, March 25, 2011

Just one more!

The tiniest livestock baby I have ever seen was born yesterday. This new little guy belongs to Tawny, the nearly wild goat with the crooked horns. To give some perspective, here is a picture of him with the week old Boer goats:

And another one with the 10 year old goat whisperer's hand:

He reminds me of a root beer float! Such a little cutie!


  1. Oh, mine...I could hug that cute little fella. He looks so cute and the bigger guys look like they are doing really well.

  2. Awe! Your goat babies are making me think twice about telling my husband I only wanted sheep! LOL! They are sooo adorable.

  3. How adorable! The little guy looks like my Nigerian Dwarf goats when they first were brought home...

  4. My heart just melted all over the place. What a cute and precious bundle!