Thursday, March 17, 2011

More Fleece!

The Good Lord hasn't been consulting me on His weather the last few days, so sunshine has been scarce and wind has been plentiful. Not a good combo for skirting fleeces. Finally, yesterday and today, the sun peeked out and I have a second group of fleeces ready to offer. There is more variety in this grouping, and therefore they are not all priced the same per pound. At this time I am not splitting fleeces up to sell by the pound, I am just trying to get them skirted and available.

Again, our sheep are not coated due to the heat and humidity here in Arkansas. They run around and play in clean pastures and they are fed hay and grain on ground level. But they are sheep, and they don't listen when I tell them not to get dirty!


Each fleece will be boxed and then weighed and you will be charged actual shipping charges, give or take a few cents, plus 80 cents for delivery confirmation. I will email you the tracking number as soon as your package is in the mail.


Boaz is SOLD!

First up is our little registered Shetland ram, Boaz. He has a super soft fleece, probably the softest fleece I have ever felt, BUT....Boaz is short, the shortest one in the pasture. That means everyone else in the pasture "dribbles" on him at meal time, and since his legs are not so long, a bit more debris attaches to him. So, while he has a gorgeous fleece, he also has a lot of vegetable matter from tiny to large. Because of this, I am pricing his fleece below the rest. I have picked out most of the large vm, and if you are willing to pick out more and comb, you will have an amazing fleece to work with for a very little price.

Boaz's fleece is creamy white and has grey that is only visible from the back side (see above picture). It has a staple of 3.5"-5" plus, and weighs 1 pound, 8 ounces. Again, please be aware you are purchasing a fleece with lots of vm, some will wash out, some will need to picked out, and some will come out in combing. I have priced his fleece at $14.oo for the entire fleece, plus shipping and delivery confirmation.


Next is Patches, a registered Shetland ewe. Patches has a really neat fleece. When she is standing next to the rest of the ladies, her fleece appears to be white, however, it is really a light cream to white. She also has a couple of spots of black mixed with the white (hence her name, aren't we original?) which you can see in the second picture. We have only had Patches since this summer, so I did not get to work with her fleece last year. Please look closely at the picture showing the locks before purchasing. She has a typical double coated, primitive Shetland fleece that is about a medium softness.

Patches has a 3"-5" staple, with some of the locks tapering out past 5". Her fleece weighs 1 pound, 12 ounces and is priced at $12/pound for a total of $21.oo plus actual shipping a delivery confirmation.
Winston is SOLD!
And then there is Winston. Winston is our Wensleydale wether. When we first brought Winston home, he had just been sheared (in case you were wondering, that fleece is lurking in my stash!). Wensleydales have a fair amount of lanolin, and his previous owner recommended we give him a bath so he didn't get coated in dirt before he ever started growing those curls. So we did, and Winston would not have anything to do with us for the next 7 months. To top it off, when he saw us dragging the water hose out to fill up the water troughs, he would run to the far side of the pasture! He has come around now, and likes to be scratched under the chin.

Don't those curls just make you want to squeal?

Winston's locks are 3"-4.5" long (a few are longer) and the picture with the ruler shows the two different types of locks in his fleece. Most are curls. Winston's fleece weighs 3 pounds, 12 ounces and is $15 per pound which comes to $56.25 plus actual shipping and delivery confirmation.
Jasmine is SOLD!
Jasmine is a registered Shetland ewe. Jasmine has a classic primitive Shetland double coat, soft and wooly at the bottom and wispy and coarser towards the end. The color is astounding, black, brown, cream, and dark and light grey are all present, with a very dark undercoat. Please look carefully at the photographs before purchasing. For those of you who love to spin your own sock yarn, this would make lovely, well wearing socks.

Jasmine's fleece has a 3"-6" staple and weighs 1 pound, 14 ounces and is priced at $12 per pound for a total of $22.50 plus actual shipping and delivery confirmation.

Sweet Pea is SOLD!
Finally, I was able to skirt a fleece that I am very excited about. Sweet Pea is a Cotswold cross little girl. Her fleece shows amazing crimp and some curl and washes up shiny and soft. Sweet Pea's fleece has a lot of lanolin, which allows it to collect dirt a little more freely, so I recommend that it be soaked overnight in cool water to help loosen the dirt before you begin a hot water wash. Her fleece appears yellow in color because of the lanolin, but is creamy off-white when washed.

Sweet Pea's fleece has a 3"-6" staple and weighs 2 pounds, 8 ounces. Her fleece is a premium fleece and would be priced at $18 per pound if it wasn't for the weight the lanolin adds. So I took that into consideration and priced it at $14 per pound for a total $35 plus actual shipping and delivery confirmation.
If you are interested in a fleece or have questions, please email me at:
Thank you for looking!

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  1. Lori, the fleeces look yummy! Isn't it hard to part with them? You have a nice variety. I was hoping to be able to work with fleeces this weekend but sounds like rain is heading this way again.