Friday, July 9, 2010

Let the chase begin!

What a day! First of all, the washing machine decided it was overworked on Tuesday, so it decided to take a break from spinning. Well, the part didn't look that menacing on the internet, and since it was raining, Stan could work indoors - hence the honey-do list emerged. Did you know there are more screws in a washing machine than in a car??? Did you know you have to take the whole thing apart in order to replace one little part you can feel under the rim with you hand??? Well, its break is over and jeans are whirling around and around as we speak!

Then Molly got out. Goats can get out of any fence. They laugh at fences. They laugh harder at electric fences. Avery chased his goat down and man-handled (as much as a 10 year old boy can) her back in. At feeding time, Olivia, the new Shetland/BL lamb was out. I got a chance to put my shepherdess skills to the test. Open two gates and call, and here she came, easy as punch. Well, God has a funny way of dealing with the proud. We headed indoors and heard a bull "growling" as only a bull can. Sure enough, Stan's big black Angus bull was in the neighbor's pasture. Apparently he thought he needed to show their bull how things should be taken care of! Off through the waist high pasture Stan went to fetch him back. He is pretty gentle, but still, he IS a bull, so I was not real comfortable when Stan disappeared from sight behind a thicket of trees. Soon enough, here they came down the fence line.

"Lori, go get a bucket of feed and put out so he will come through the gate!" Now, I am not afraid of most animals, but friendly or not, he IS a bull. Feed in hand, I mustered up and threw some out in the feed lot. He just stood and looked at me from the other side. "Bring the bucket down here and let him sniff it!" Yeah, right. Stan has always been soooo careful of us around the bulls, that I figured I could trust him. Besides, he stood behind him with a pretty large tree limb that would have distracted the bull if he got frisky. Once the smell of feed reached him, through the fence gap he came, I trotted backwards towards the barn, and all is well. Stan and Avery are fixing fence as I type.

It is hot. So very hot. The Lord has blessed us with rain off and on for the last couple of days, but when it stops it just gets more humid. Fleece is taking forever to dry in this humidity!

On a blessed note...I will be a mostly stay at home mom again this fall!!! As wonderful as it was to be a teacher, I will get to concentrate on being a wife and mother again. I will still work a few hours a week at a part time job. It has been long time coming. The Lord had to work many miracles for this to happen, and He amazed us over and over! Look out, no telling what I will do with all my new spare time!

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  1. This sounds so much like a day out of nowhere on this farm! Everyone is staying where they belong and bingo...everyone breaks out. Gotta Love It!