Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 6, 2010

Jerry Reed fades in here singing "East bound and down, load it up and truckin'"~ (You'll see why in a minute!)

We brought home our new ram from Missouri Saturday. He is a registereed Border Leicester and a pretty smokey color. Our other ram is a cotswold ram named Bandit.......anybody figuring out the music clue? Yep, that's right, we now have Smokey and the Bandit in our ram pasture!

Yeah, I know, corny, but it works for us. But wait, it gets even worse......we will probably be bringing home a white Border Leicester ram in the fall. His name will be Snowman............

The chickens have finally started laying! Nothing like farm fresh eggs (except maybe an ice cold Dr. Pepper from Sonic. Can you tell I am in caffine withdrawls?)

One of our baby chicks grew up to be a beautiful rooster. His name is Jet because of his color, such a classy guy, and he has finally figured out how to crow. He just doesn't have his timing right. He crows in the morning, and then all day long. Maybe it's a maturity thing.

The puppies are growing leaps and bounds. They have to be the dirtiest white dogs I have ever seen. Instead of Scarlett and Ginger, two very elegant ladies, they should have been named Thing One and Thing Two. Both can't drink water without putting at least their front feet in the water, and Scarlett usually gets all the way in and sits down to take a drink, then she goes for a roll in any available dirt. She is also an escape artist and NEVER stays in the sheep pasture like her sister. So much for being a sheep dog. She is asleep on the back porch right now as I type.

But with a face like this, can you imagine getting mad at her?

Been busy with fiber, too. I have been working on our own fleece, washing and carding. The cotswold is beautiful and strong and will make gorgeous socks, the shetland cross is soft, soft, soft. I can't wait to get some of it spun up. Here is some cotswold washed, carded and dyed. I love it!

We are praying for rain. After dumping on us all spring, it has turned off hot and dry. Did I say hot? How 'bout humid. You feel sticky just stepping outside. It is thundering right now.......please Lord, let it rain down.........

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