Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's Been A Long Time!

It's been a long time since I updated my blog! Lots has been going on to keep us busy! First of all, we have two new guardian dogs - well, puppies, actually.

Their names are Scarlett and Ginger. We drove to Missouri a couple of weeks ago and brought them home. The sheep aren't particulary fond of them right now. Just wait until they grow, though! Then they will show them who is boss!

We also added another miniature donkey to our farm. His name is Augustus, Gus for short. Anyone out there a Lonesome Dove fan? We love that movie, hence the name.

Mom and I also did our first fiber show! We went to the first "make:Tulsa Fiber Festival". We enjoyed meeting other vendors and customers who love fiber as much as we do. There were huge crowds, which was wonderful! Here are pictures of our booth:

We also sent in our contribution to the May Phat Fiber box ( The theme this month is blossoms and bark, so I picked lilacs after probably my favorite flower ever. The fiber made gorgeous hand pulled rovings.

Hopefully I will post a little more often now that school is just a couple of weeks from being out. (I teach 9th grade.) I always have big plans to get lots of big projects done in the summer. Long ago I learned to quit making "to-do" lists in May because I would just feel sad in August when I looked over them and saw just how little I finished. It is just to easy to relax and have fun!

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