Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Farm Animal

We have been concerned about having a guard animal here on Sarah's Sheep Farm because we have packs of coyotes that "sing" to us at night. In the past we have lost 3 beautiful African geese and a whole flock of guineas to them. They have attacked one of our dogs when she was still a puppy, and have been within 20 feet of our backdoor. Our outside dogs aren't much help with keeping them scared off because Lizzie is old and likes to sleep inside, and Allie is fat, very fat, and is scared of her own shadow, and likes to sleep inside also. We have tossed around the idea of a guard dog, but in addition to the two basically worthless outside dogs (can they still be called that?) we have 3 inside. You can just imagine the amount of dog food we go through a month! We have been researching donkeys and burros and really liked the idea of having one. They supposedly make great guard animals. Our neighbors across the valley have Shrek the donkey, and you can't help but smile when he gets wound up and lets loose with his braying! Daddy told us about a farm he has seen while he was bicycling, and sure enough, the man had just decided to sell one of his. Boy, does God ever point some things out clearly! So we have a little burro. She is 9 years old and tiny. She has already been communicating with Shrek, and it is something else to listen to! The rest of the farm animals don't quite know what to make of all the racket!

Isn't she pretty? And Look at how small she is!

Since it is Sunday, I didn't dye any roving. Hopefully I will get some done this week now that the boys' basketball season is over.


  1. Hi, I found you on Ravelry! You are off to a great start! Love the pictures!