Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday in the Pasture

The weather has turned out very spring-like the last few days here in Arkansas. We know it won't last since it is only mid-February, so my daughter and I decided to head out the door with the camera after church on Sunday.

First stop, of course, was to see the new baby boys. They are jumping and bouncing all over the pasture now. Molly is a very good mama, especially for a first timer, and the other animals seems to tolerate the new little guys just fine.

Next, we decided to go visit the sheep. While we were out, we found the electric fence needs some repair. We had fun daring each other to be the one to touch it and find out for sure. In the end, I was the braver one.

The ladies were a bit camera shy, but we managed to get a couple of nice pictures. The shearer will be here next month, and I am very anxious to have more wool from my own flock to spin!

Then it was off to the cow pasture. We had a new addition a few weeks back.

This is Pumpkin and her mama, Gypsy. Pumpkin's dad was a black Simmental. We aren't sure where the beautiful red coat came from. But, since we had to sell my red Maggie, Stan is planning to keep Pumpkin for me. Isn't she cute? We think she is the reason the electric fence is down. My mother in law called last week and said that Pumpkin was in with the sheep and having a grand time, and they didn't like her one bit.

And finally, we ended up in the calf pasture. I guess everyone knew it was Sunday and nap time. Duke, the bull calf, was layed out for the afternoon!


  1. Ooh looking at all those fleecy sheep makes me want to cuddle them and even better their wool!! I need more fleece!!

  2. We had our ewe's that birthed and lambs out this weekend as well, although we are still knee deep in snow, it was considerably warmer out. I believe it more healthy for them to be in the fresh air.

  3. You have some beautiful sheep! So many colors of beautiful fiber! You will be in heaven when you shear. I would like to get my fingers in that wool.
    Your white face is so pretty. I have one white cow, Sugar, and the rest are Angus.
    Lambing and Calving all falls at the same time this year...

  4. Makes me want to sell my house in the city for farm life....