Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October 26, 2010

Today I thought I would post a few pictures of the sheep. We are planning to let the rams in with the ladies this weekend, so hopefully in about 5-6 months I will have some baby pictures to show!

First, an update on Winston, the Wensleydale wether. He is filling out nicely. Winston is still a bit skittish of us, and will only let you touch him when he is eating. I really think the bath he got when we first brought him home scarred him and he is afraid to let us catch him now. His curls are fantastic!

And speaking of curls - Meet Sampson! He is a registered Cotswold Ram from Linda Blair in Oklahoma. He has beautiful curly locks that beg to be touched. I can't hardly wait for shearing time this spring. Hannah, the Cotswold cross will be his mate this year.

This is Liza, one of two registered Border Leicesters from Nancy Barnett's farm, Barakel Farm in Alton, Missouri. I love her sheep, and most of our farm is populated with ewes from her farm.

And this Jasmine. When we went to pick up the two Border Leicester girls, I saw her and fell in love with her fleece. I was going to ask about buying her fleece this spring, but Stan beat me to the punch, and bought me the whole sheep! She is a registered Shetland from Nancy Barnett.

And here is Big Mama! If you could see her compared to the rest of our sheep, you would know why she has her name. She LOVES to eat! She is also from Nancy's farm and is a Shetland/Border Leicester cross, like many of our others.

Here is baby Beau! I love this sweet little ram, and his ears just endear him more! He is a registered Border Leicester ram, again from Barakel Farms. He will grow up to be quite the looker. He won't be ready to use for breeding until next year.

This is the other Border Leicester ewe. Her name is Ava. She is a little darker than the other one, but equally as pretty!

We are off to Nancy's, again, this Friday to pick up some registered Shetlands. Did I mention that I just LOVE her sheep?



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